We always believe that females love cats the most. But turns out that popular cat dads are proving us wrong. Confused? Oh, we are just talking about the men and cats relationship. It’s loving, it’s sensitive, and it’s adventurous. 

If you want to see cat dads, scroll down to have a look. 

1. Just before Chip died, his owner took him out for the last time to enjoy what he loved

2. I turn around and find the most adorable thing

3. My dad found him crying in the street a couple of days ago, and now he likes to sleep like that

4. My boyfriend works from home, but our cat Simon insists on being held often

5. 100% cat relaxation

6. My boyfriend consoling the cat, who’s had a very hard day

7. My 70-year-old father and his 20-year-old cat spending the afternoon

8. My father fixing the pool. And his cat trying to help

9. When he was still a kitten and he went backpacking with his dad

10. Lovely moment between my boyfriend and the cat

11. My Emotional Support Animal

12. My dad usually grabs the cat’s paw when he falls asleep

13. My Best Friend And Bodyguard

14. My father’s cat has cerebral palsy. He fell down and needed love

15. Since Dad’s a heat radiator, we love to cuddle up with him

16. They are two legends

17. Photo after bath

18. He said he didn’t like cats

19. No Kids, Just Cats

20. Nap on daddy’s shoulder

21. I’m going to be a father soon, so I’m practicing with the cat

22. Napping together

23. My Dad’s Rescue Cat Wasn’t Properly Weaned And Was Very Neglected. The Only Way He Will Drink Water Is If My Dad Holds A Cup. He Does This Multiple Times Per Day

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