Have you ever wondered what is going inside your cat’s smol head? Because same! They are unpredictable and the 23 accurate tweets about life with cats listed here show this thing.

1. Cats know the best!

2. He did something no one knows!

3. Sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to…

4. It just never goes away!

5. Or maybe he’s not interested?

6. Bro! He might murder you in sleep too!

7. By the cutest liddul bean!

8. The Cat, the Witch, and the Wardrobe!

9. ‘You’re in the clear!’

10. This cat will have the most dramatic tendencies!

11. It is either cats win or no one is going home!

12. Bathtime fun time!

13. Can’t disturb them!

14. “You will face my wrath!”

15. You should know your place buddy!

16. Food>

17. The new lord of the house!

18. Look at these cats being the ultimate party poopers!

19. Awwww!

20. Your cat got some great taste brother!

21. They are just doing their backstage duties…

22. Everyone’s wish!

23. The best buddy!

Bonus: a way to make your day better!