Cats love to make a mess of things. 

Have you ever seen a cat sitting quietly and not messing around with things? Cats are messy creatures and they won’t allow you to live in peace unless they are not around you. Below, we have collected some pictures that will show you how cats can totally mess up things and you can’t stop laughing about it.

#1 She looks a little stuck there, she might need some help.

#2  ‘Why is the world upside down?’

#3 ‘We don’t know what happened.’

#4 When you try to steal a piece of ham but get into a pickle.

#5 ‘The Christmas tree looked a bit crooked so I fixed it.’

#6 No more cooking for you! Starve for all she cares.

#7 ‘It suddenly fell over by itself.’

#8 ‘This is how you do it right?’

#9 She was just at the wrong place at the wrong time.

#10 Who needs to open the doors when you can do this?

#11 ‘I might need a little help here hooman.’

#12 Just trying to unwrap my present.

#13 The place probably needed a bit more of a grunge aesthetic anyway.

#14 ‘Is this how you eat food?’

#15 ‘Stop buying so much toilet paper!’

#16 I wonder who was walking on the shelf.

#17 When you are out of snacks in quarantine.

#18 ‘I’m supposed to rip up the toy right?’

#19 When you’re trying to keep yourself cool in the summer.

#20 ‘You should return this carpet hooman, It’s damaged.’

#21 ‘Well, What do I do now?’

#22 ‘This is my new home.’