So, what new did you learned this week? If you haven’t learned anything interesting in the last couple of days, scroll down to know some fascinating things that will blow your mind.

Mr. Rogers Befriended His Limo Driver And Insisted He Join Them Instead Of Waiting Outside For Two Hours

It Pays To Read The Fine Print. Literally.

“In honor of her quick claiming of the prize, Squaremouth donated an additional $5,000 to each of the two high schools where Andrews works to improve their media centers, and $10,000 to children’s literacy charity Reading is Fundamental.”

– Christopher Spata, Tampa Bay Times

Williamina Fleming Was A Scottish House Maid Hired Out Of Frustration For Incompetent Staff Who Went On To Discover Thousands Of Stars, The White Dwarfs, And The Horsehead Nebula

Professor Edward Charles Pickering hired Williamina, his maid to work for the observatory in 1879.

Donald Hopkins, Who Eradicated Smallpox, Is On The Way To Ending Another Disease

“Hopkins has been fighting the parasite for 37 years. Health officials believe that, with vigilance, the disease will soon be eradicated globally.”

– Barry Yeoman, Atlanta magazine

Keanu Reeves Often Takes A Reduced Salary So That Producers Can Bring On Other Notable Actors

Jewish Actor Lionel Reiss Had The Glow Up Of The Century

The CEO Of Nintendo Cut His Pay In Half For Five Months After The Unsuccessful Release Of The Wii U Rather Then Blame His Staff

If You Opt Out Of Singapore’s Organ Donor Act, You Will Be Last In Line To Receive Help

Because Of Frequent Catastrophic Flooding In Bangladesh, Some Farmers Have Started Raising Ducks Instead Of Chickens Because They Float

Eminem Watched His Daughter Get Crowned Homecoming Queen From Afar Because He Didn’t Want To Take The Attention Away From Her

Sigmund Freud Was Full Of Sass

Romans Celebrated Dogs By Creating Tombs And Epitaphs To Remember Them By

The Curse Of The Lottery

Mr. T Pities The Fool That Doesn’t Address Him With Respect

A Depressed 14 Year Old Boy Convinced His Best Friend To Murder Him And Became The First Person Charged With Inciting Their Own Murder

The Love Letters Of Two Gay Soldiers From WWII Are Being Published In A Book

Panic Over A Soccer Field Led To The Cuban Missile Crises

Not Only Was Stephen Hawking A Scientific Genius, He Was Also Somewhat Of A Savage

Millennial Dads Are Spending Three Times As Much Time With Their Kids Than Previous Generations

A Victorian Theatre Tricked Thousands Of People Into Giving Free Acts In Order To Get ‘Sober Sue’ To Smile. She Suffered From Facial Paralysis.

The Shed at Dulwich Was A Fake Restaurant Created By A Man Determined To Serve People Frozen Food From His Backyard Under The Guise Of Fine Dining

Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ Is Implied To Be An Endless Loop Hinting At The Cyclical Nature Of Water’s Theme

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