As much as Wolverine was entertaining in the X-Men movie franchise, he is equally entertaining on Twitter as well. Below are some hilarious tweets coming starting from Hugh Jackman’s account.

Sleeping Beauty

A Hilarious Yet Loving Mother’s Day Tweet To Mrs. Reynolds

10/10 Selfie With A Penguin

The Sweetest Anniversary Wishes To His Wife, Deborra-Lee Furness

Twinning With Ryan Reynolds For The Holidays

Only The Finest Of Silverware

The Time His Birthday Message Got Hijacked By Deadpool

A Total Dad When It Comes To Selfies

Mutant And Proud

When He Made An Ad For Ryan’s Gin Company, And Ryan Made An Ad For His Coffee Company

Wishing His Favorite Little Buddy A ‘Happy Birthday’

He Agrees To A Ryan Reynolds Hug Only Once A Year

BTS Look On How Those Wolverine Sounds Get Recorded

Meet His Two Dogs, Dali And Allegra

The Time Paparazzi Caught Him Promoting Ryan’s Gin Company

He Didn’t Let Ryan Hate On His 3-Year Celebration Of ‘Logan’

He Shared A Throwback Vid When ‘X-Men’ Had Its 20-Year Anniversary

Fully Vaccinated Wolverine

A Dance Lesson With Dali

He Bonds With His Fellow Australian Locals

The Bird Whisperer

Translation: “I Love Japan.”