Below are 22 heartwarming and wholesome posts.

1. The Grandfather Still Sends The Handwritten Valentine’s Day Card

2. “If Anyone Would Like 2022 To Include Some Good News”

3. The Unconditional Support Of Local Shop ‘Jordyn’s Deli’

4. A Kid’s Earnest Question For Their Mom’s Birthday

5. The Unknown Reason Why The Smartest Girl In Class Always Asked ‘Dumb’ Questions

6. They All Made Sure To Spend The Work Day Helping Each Other Find New Jobs

7. Solidarity Between Owner And Cat

8. The Teacher Made Sure The Class Took Time To Have Fun

9. A Little Kid’s ‘Thank You’ Note To The Garbage Man

10. Didn’t Want To Ruin The Husband’s Illusion Of Being Kind

11. Surprise For The Husband’s Birthday

12. A Persuasive Guide To The Garage Sale

13. The Only Way The Cat Will Let Him Teach-In Peace

14. Naps Run In The Family

15. Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

16. “Welcome To Your First Mental Health Day, Dude”

17. Lapras From Extinction

18. How Galyn Susman Saved ‘Toy Story 2’

19. Using Memes As The Guide

20. Parents Who Found Their Way Back To Each Other

21. Roasted By Their Teenage Kid

22. A ‘Where Are They Now?’ Meme Update