We need animals in our life.

If there is one thing that we all can agree to, it is that the world has become a cruel place to live in. It’s because no one really cares about anyone else and only worried about their own selves. In short, we have lost humanity. This means that if we are doing anything, it is just for our personal gain and it is not good. 

But in between all the bad things, there is something good too. Even if we can’t trust anyone anymore, we can totally rely on our furry friends. Be it a cat, dog, or any other animal, they are all pure. It is actually good that they are not like us otherwise we would never know what unconditional love and care feel like in this cruel world.

No matter whether you are having a bad day or you simply want to see the goddess left in this world, scroll down and fall in love with these cuties.

1. He found his favorite place in the world.

There is so much comfort in the arms of someone you love.

2. Love and happiness are palpable.

I want to be this happy in life.

3. “My daughter wanted to hug this horse, so as if on cue he just gently put his head down near her.”

I guess he wanted to hug her too.

4. I bet you’re wishing this was you.

It looks like something straight out of a Disney movie.

5. “Our cat waits outside every morning to be with my son while he waits for the bus.”

Always by your side.

6. After being lost for 5 hours, he’s back in his mom’s arms where he belongs.

Finally home.

7. This is heartwarming.

I have a feeling they’re going to be the best of friends.

8. “My 25th birthday present was wolf kisses.”

If you’re scared of wolves, this image might help.

9. Hugs really are the best thing in the world and even pandas know it.

A panda’s hugs must be so warm.

10. “My sister left for a week, this is how her cockatoo greeted her when she got back!”

I think it is pretty clear how much he missed her.

11. Your turn now!

I’ve never seen anyone so excited to give a hug.

We know you would agree that all these pictures are absolutely cute and the emotions of these animals are totally pure. And also that we surely don’t deserve all their love and attention because we are not as pure as them.

12. “When you tell her a story that she doesn’t understand, but she loves you anyway”

That is such a kind and reassuring smile.

13. You just know he loves her with all his heart.

I want some doggo hugs too!

14. Bella was recently adopted and the expression on her face tells you it’ll be a lifetime of love.

Adoption can change lives.

15. “As I was saying goodbye, my dog did this…”

I’m not crying, you’re crying.

16. “She was yelling, ‘auntie he’s squishing me!’ and I looked back to find him completely content.”

I would happily get squished by him.

17. When the clothes of the person you’re hugging have just been washed:

The scent!

18. “You’ll be ok, hooman. I gotchu.”

The best kind of comfort.

19. This much tenderness can make anyone smile.

Let me love you, human!

20. A thankful giraffe smooching her caretaker.

Kissing his whole face!

21. “Rescued a feral kitten. Turns out he is also a snuggler.”

So warm. So snuggly.

22. Let me snuggle you, bestie!

Hugs incoming!