Hey there, are you feeling a little low? Did you go through a bad day, week or month? Did you recently had a breakup? Or are you upset in general? Well, no matter what has brought down your mood because the pictures of happy animals listed here would make you smile from ear to ear. 

These happy animal moments would fill your day with love and positivity. Scroll down and get your dose of happiness. 

1. Baby toucan thinks she’s a human baby

2. This man just adopted a kitten at a human society

3. This dog taking care of all these kittens

4. At a fox village in Japan

5. A piglet skipping in the grass

6. These dogs surfing

7. This cat trying to be sexy

8. French bulldog puppy jumping into his owner’s arms

9. Sea otter baby sleeps on his mom

10. Husky love

11. A Black Leopard’s reaction when he sees his zoo keeper

12. She’s very happy about the new family member

13. Coyote finds old toy, acts like puppy

14. This epic pile of 33 dogs

15. A goat on top of a goat

16. This pit bull

17. Hi there!

18. Amy is #1 in her dog obedience class, but there is something a bit distinctive about her…

19. Mother and daughter

20. This kid and his cat buddy

21. This happy mom

22. This cat comic