Have you ever felt like avoiding the river forever? No? Well, the images listed in this post might want you to do that.

From murky rivers to the deep, dark ocean, there’s more to fear than just what may be lurking beneath the surface. These unsettling photos are enough to induce our thalassophobia or intense fear of deep bodies of water.

Like all phobias, thalassophobia is a fear response triggered by a single, specific stimulus. In this case, it’s the mysteries of the depths that can cause someone to have an adverse reaction. Thalassophobia differs from a fear of water itself (hello, aquaphobia), in that most sufferers focus on what might be hiding below the surface, be that a shark, a sea monster, or simply the vast abyss itself.

Those with true thalassophobia can experience extreme symptoms when confronted with large bodies of water, including sweating, shaking, and vomiting, although most people who would identify with the phobia probably just get really scared.

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1. Peeking Out From The Darkness

2. Something’s In The Water

Going through old pics, thought I would drop this here

“We create this reality where we think they are real but they’re really not.” For those suffering from a fear of the ocean, there is probably nothing dangerous in the vast majority of open water, but that doesn’t make the danger feel any less real.

3. These Submerged Stairs

4. Avoid At All Costs

5. A Growing Wave

6. Spot The Massive Underwater Cliff

7. Sinking To The Bottom

8. This Lone Ladder

9. Lurking In The Darkness

10. Caught In A Storm

11. Time For A Night Swim

12. Stairway To The Deep Unknown

13. Just Barely Visible

14. Waiting For The Tide To Change

15. A Descent Into The Deep

16. Swarming In The River

17. Floating Along The Surface

18. When The Fog Creeps In

19. At The Mercy Of The Ocean

20. Drifting Away From The Island

21. Stuck Out At Sea