Yes, dogs are big and even we can get scared of them sometimes (just sometimes). But do you know what they are terrified of? Do you know what sends a chill down to a dog’s spine? You can take a wild guess. Also, a little hint- the thing that dogs are scared of is more than half of their size. So do you know the answer? Okay, it’s a cat.

Oh, yes, now most of you would think that it’s usually the cat that is afraid of dogs. Believe us, even we thought the same. But then, we found a few pictures that said the opposite. In these pictures, you can clearly see how big and fluffy dogs feel intimidated by tiny cats. And they are so frightened that they can’t even take back their bed or any other thing that cat claims to be its. 

Scroll down to see the pictures and go save your dogs. (Wink-Wink)