Pets can make one’s life just that better.

It is a blessing to those who have the strength and will to keep pets and look after them. Animals can offer you the purest form of love. Sometimes they act dumb, but even small children behave like that. Their innocence and their loyalty is unbeatable. Even if you can’t keep pets for some reason, you have all rights to love them. Here are some images that prove that we don’t deserve these little furballs.

#1 Chubby and cat together equals extremely cute.

#2 What better way to take a nap than this?

#3 He probably wants to feel squished.

#4 One doggo is not even touching the couch.

#5 I am pretty sure this isn’t even intentional.

#6 His nose looks ready for a booping!

#7 This is one photogenic cat!

#8 When you are terrified of being left alone.

#9 He was probably having too much fun playing and slept like that.

#10 When at least one selfie comes out good.

#11 They are going to claw their owner’s eyes out because of the light.

#12 It takes a long time to build trust.

#13 Which one is the bread? I can’t tell.

#14 He will take any chance to show off his singing skill.

#15 ‘Just one more treat and I will be gone.’

#16 This is just adorable.

#17 Still a better love story than Twilight.

#18 Which channel is it? Because I always want it to stay on.

#19 When you don’t realize your smile looks weird.

#20 I sympathize with this cat.

#21 Keeping each other warm.

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