There is one life, and some people think that in the time they have, they must do whatever it takes to entertain their neighbours. Today, we bring you some situations that people have shared on the Internet which clearly states that it is better not to have neighbours rather than having the ones who do such things.

Being neighbors doesn’t mean being friends.


“My neighbor got his reindeer decorations stolen so they put out Grinch ones instead.”

“My neighbor shot a hole in my wall from two doors down.”

Does he give a discount for neighbors?

“I wasn’t ready for this!”

“My neighbor leaves his trash outside his door (the one that’s slightly open). He won’t throw it out until he overhears complaints.”

“I mowed my elderly neighbor’s lawn. The people on the left of her mowed a day after. I guess I didn’t mow right to the property line. I officially hate these people now.”

“My neighbor asked me to feed his cat while he was away and this was what the water dish looked like.”

Neighbors can be so perceptive.

“How my dad deals with his neighbor who checks with the city whenever anyone does any work on their property.”

“What should my neighbors listen to today?”

“Neighbor said he’d call the cops on me if I shot fireworks off after 11pm. Challenge accepted!”

“My neighbor does not like my new truck so I told her I would park it out of sight, and blocked it with a tree… Nailed it.”

Vigilance is important.

“My neighbor loves the Fourth of July.”

“Neighbor just tried to throw his Christmas tree from the balcony. Not sure what the ideal landing spot should have been.”

Being neighbors doesn’t make you friends — Part 2

What intimidation methods do you know?

“I thought I heard my neighbor mowing his lawn at 9 p.m. last night…”

“The guys building next door decided to tear down our fence while we weren’t home and not put up any sort of barrier between our house and the pit.”


“My neighbor and I lead different lifestyles.”

Bonus: and this neighbor made a craze race in someone else’s yard thinking that nobody would find out.

Share it with us if you have come across any neighbours like these in your life.