Have you seen a dog that can stand 28 inches and weigh up to 150 pounds? What, you have not? No worries because we have found one. We are talking about Newfoundland dogs. Anyone who probably sees this dog breed for the first time thinks that they are bears but they are not. Newfoundland dogs are one of the sweetest dogs that you can ever meet in your life. 

This doggo breed originates from Newfoundland that was a part of Canada. We know they are huge (so huge) but they are friendly and loyal. Other than their huge and massive size another thing that makes Newfoundland dogs super special is that they are believed to have been brought 1,000 years ago by Vikings. Since Newfoundland dogs have wide paws like ducks, they are great swimmers. 

Scroll down to check out some great pictures of this cute and massive doggo breed and fall in love with them. 

1. I put a safety vest on him because people thought he was a bear

2. The lap is very small but he doesn’t care

3. 16 months difference

4. Taking his pony out for a walk

5. This isn’t a bear

6. It’s tasty

7. When he meets smaller dogs

8. He doesn’t care about anything

9. A bear hasn’t snuck into the house

10. Tongue out

11. He likes to come with me when I play tennis

12. It’s not a bear or a mammoth

13. 68 kilos and still a lap dog

14. I just shaved my Newfoundland, look at her hairstyle

15. My best friend

16. They’re 11 weeks old

17. It’s actually crushing his ribs

18. He wants something

19. If there’s snow, there goes the dog

20. Relaxing with the dog

21. Look behind you