20 Actresses We Only Remember Being Old, but They Could’ve Stolen Your Grandpa’s Heart

No doubt, acting is a tough job. Forgetting about yourselves, and getting into a completely new character every time is never easy. And thus, we salute all the actors and actresses for accomplishing this tough job so easily. Films have always been a great source of entertainment since our grandparents’ times. And that is why we still love watching movies. Unlike, the new trend of web series, films are loved by all age groups.

So, let’s do a small task! We’d like you to ask the elderly in your home about their favorite actresses. When we looked for some old actresses and where they are now, we got shocked. Because these beauties still continue to possess the same aura as old times. Nevertheless, they all had to fight to gain a foothold in the film industry and their experience has shown to be a plus. And probably, these 20 actresses could’ve stolen your grandpa’s heart. If you think they look gorgeous now, wait until you see how incredibly captivating they were in their twenties. So scroll down and see them yourselves.

#1 Glenn Close

Old Actresses: Glenn Close

#2 Jessica Lange

Jessica Lange

#3 Jane Fonda

Old Actresses: Jane Fonda

#4 Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon

#5 Kathy Bates

Old Actresses: Kathy Bates

#6 Gloria Stuart

Gloria Stuart

#7 Diane Keaton

Old Actresses:  Diane Keaton

#8 Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren

#9 Goldie Hawn

Old Actresses: Goldie Hawn

#10 Blythe Danner

Blythe Danner

#11 Barbra Streisand

Old Actresses: Barbra Streisand

#12 Meryl Streep

Old Actresses: Meryl Streep

#13 Carmen Dell’ Orefice

Old Actresses: Carmen Dell' Orefice

#14 Betty White

Betty White

#15 Judi Dench

Old Actresses: Judi Dench

#16 Julie Andrews

Julie Andrews

#17 Maggie Smith

Old Actresses: Maggie Smith

#18 Charlotte Rampling

Charlotte Rampling

#19 Angela Lansbury

Old Actresses: Angela Lansbury

#20 Sally Field

Sally Field

Now that you’ve seen these pictures, you’ll probably believe that old is gold. These fine actresses look so beautiful that we fall in love with them at first sight.  And we would also recommend you to show these pictures to your elderly. They’ll be delighted to see them for sure. Also, do tell your grandpa’s choice to us in the comments section below.