Having fun and playing with stuffed toys knows no age and a 20-years-old dog is proving this thing. This furry angel is Tessa and she is avoiding giving up on the stuffed toy even at this age. That’s the spirit, cutie pie!

Tessa in fact, loves her stuffed banana toy so much that she would not trade it for anything. 

“I found it in a clearance bin at a pet store, but I knew it was the size of the toys she likes. She immediately took the banana the moment I gave it to her,” Loren told us.

“She wants people to acknowledge it before they leave. And when she leaves it, she puts it on the bed that she thinks is best,” said her mother.

“We ask the guests to tell her they saw her banana so she can lie down. She has never allowed it to be a ‘toy’. It is her little possession and it is her life,” the mother added.

She may be 20 years old but she’s still a puppy inside.