Cats are what make the world go around.

Don’t get offended dog lover. We do love cats as well, but the cats are ruling over on the Internet these days. The pandemic has been quite a depressiong period for all of us. But thanks tocat memes and adorable cats images and videos that have been saving us from all the stress. So, here is a treat for you all well deserved people who have pulled of this time with a smile on your face.

#1 Now I really want a cat just to give them a dumb name.

#2 Who doesn’t want a cat named missile launcher?

#3 This post actually makes an excellent point and we all need to keep this in mind.

#4 What else did you expect her to do? Nave any babies?

#5 Cats can somehow uplift you even when they aren’t trying.

#6 That actually sounds terrifying, no wonder, cats run away from me.

#7 And who said cats don’t have any manners?

#8 I really hope the eight cats were her and just really disciplined.

#9 Historians should take notes right about now.

#10 Just like humans, there are nice cats and cats ‘that are tired of everyone’s sh*t.’

#11 It seems like she is gaining weight a not look happy.

#12 Many cats need a bit of time before they get accustomed to the change around them.

#13 It seems his cat was the purrfect student.

#14 The kitty clearly knew what he was doing.

#15 This is how you throw a proper temper tantrum.

#16 Cuter than Baby Yoda? Discuss.

#17 He is definitely ordering the extra-large meal.

#18 I never knew cats could work together this well.

#19 This is true love right here.

#20 The time when we think grinning like a Cheshire cat makes us look good.