It is often said, “do not judge a book by its cover”. But it’s really hard to not fall for pretty faces. However, this does not mean that women should put themselves through endless troubles just to look “pretty”. 

Surely, today we have various beauty products and painless surgeries that help us to enhance our look. But in ancient times, women used to try all sorts of interventions just to appear prettier. That’s not fair. 

The pictures of the unusual beauty trails from the past have gone viral and they look no less than some horror scenes from a movie. If you want to see what we are talking about, keep scrolling. 

P.S. These pictures will send chills down your spine.

#1 A Full-Faced Swimming Mask Helped Protect Women’s Skin From The Sun, the 1920s

#2 French Breast Washer, 1930s

#3 A Woman Having A Seam Painted Onto Her Leg, To Make It Appear That She Is Wearing Stockings, 1926

#4 Faceless Beauty Contest In Cliftonville, 1936

#5 Rita Perchetti And Gloria Rossi Try Out Their New Portable Bathhouse So They Can Change Their Clothes After Sunbathing On Coney Island Beach, 1938

#6 10th Century Chinese Tradition – Foot Binding

#7 Tape Worm Diet, the 1900s

#8 Freckle Removal. A Complicated Apparatus Is Employed. Eyes Are Covered With A Special, Air-Tight Piece, And The Nostrils Filled In. Breathing Is Done Through A Special Tube. Sensitive Parts Of The Face Must Be Treated Separately, 1930

#9 “Ironing” Hair, 1964

#10 Contestants In The Miss Lovely Eyes Beauty Pageant In Florida Wearing Masks To Obscure The Rest Of Their Faces, 1930

#11 A Perm In Germany In 1929

#12 Before The Invention Of Sun-Screen In The Mid 1940s, Bathers Wore Garments Like This Freckleproof Cape To Protect Themselves From The Sun. The Cape Also Features Built-In Sunglasses

#13 Max Factor’s 1931 Ice Mask

#14 The Bra Claimed To Develop And Strengthen The Bust And Was Designed To Vibrate While The Person Wearing It Was At Work. Brussel, 1971

#15 Portable Hair Dryer, 1940s

#16 Customers Have Their Legs Painted At A Store In Croydon, London, 1941

#17 Woman Tans Using A Suntan Vending Machine, 1949

#18 A Policeman Judges An Ankle Competition At Hounslow, London, 1930

#19 A Traditional Japanese Sign Of Beauty- Black Teeth, 17th – 19th Centuries

#20 Hair Dryer, 1920s