You can enter another universe through a wonderful story. It can help you forget about your problems and transport you on journeys you would never have imagined. But creating an engaging story is no simple task.

Consider a few television programs. Even those that had a fantastic beginning can eventually lose their appeal, disappointing followers. Give credit where credit is due and move on.

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Reddit users recently responded to a post asking for recommendations for TV shows that never suffered from a decline in quality. Here are some of the most frequently cited examples, which range from long-running sitcoms to brief dramas.


No one’s going to mention How It’s Made?

The Joy of Painting, RIP Bob Ross

The Golden Girls


Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. Fight me.


The IT Crowd


MASH. It only got better

The Good Place.

Twilight Zone the original Black and White.


Schitt’s Creek


Avatar: The Last Airbender


Futurama, but I may be biased.



Malcolm in the Middle stayed pretty tried and true


gravity falls


Band of Brothers


Stargate SG-1. It was a show that knew what it was.



Everybody Loves Hypnotoad


This Old House