Every city has something unique about it. Like in New York City, stooping is a common thing. If you are not from New York, you might not know about this. Well, it’s a common tradition where people leave their old furniture out on the sidewalk for anyone to collect it for free. 

If you are skeptical about the entire stooping process, you should better have a look at the things that people have found on the sidewalk and got them for free. Scroll down to have a look. 

#1 The Plant Mother Load

#2 Guys. Good News And Bad News. Good News. This Is Amazing. Bad News. The Stoopers Told Us They Saw It Yesterday And Don’t Know If It’s Still There. Someone Has To Go Check! Jackson St. Between Cherry And Madison

#3 And We’re Equal Parts Speechless And Jealous

#4 Check Out This Plant Angel Stooper! She Does This Every Week! 600 10th Ave In Hell’s Kitchen

#5 Oh Wow!!! 193 Moffat St. Bk.

#6 *Immediately Googles How To Decorate My House*

#7 Therapy, But Make It Chic. 254 Gates Avenue

#8 *Googles What Decor Items Go Best In An Oversized Bird Cage* North Henry And Richardson

#9 Well Damn. Is It Weird I’m Half Expecting To Open This And Have It Be A Magical Portal? Corner Of 6th Ave And 12th St In Park Slope!

#10 Holy Holy Holy Holy Holy Holy. Lafayette In Between Marcus Garvey And Lewis

#11 What A Heavy Gem! 23rd Btwn Broadway And 6th

#12 Drafting Table On Washington Ave Between Atlantic And Fulton

#13 Long Time Stooper. First Time Success!

#14 Your Parents Were Lying When They Said Nothing Good Happens After Dark. Stooping Success From Last Night!

#15 It’s Like If An Accordion Met A Keyboard

#16 Jaw Drop. Classon Ave And Quincy Street

#17 Sfarrellnyc Snagged An Absolute Beauty! Congrats On Your Stooping Success

#18 Hot Damn. Hustle!!! Meserole & Lorimer

#19 NYC… You Never Cease To Amaze Us! 101st St Just Off Columbus

#20 Run To These!!! Clear Chairs! St Marks And 6th Ave Park Slope!