If you are a fan of fantasy or sci-fi movies, you might have noticed one thing. Its props. Now, designing a prop from scratch only for it to appear on screen for a few seconds is not just time-consuming but also very expensive. 

So, if movies are using regular items as props, we should not say anything about it, right? Of course! To help you get a better idea of how the movie uses regular items as props, we have listed a few pictures. Go ahead and check them out. 

#1 This Is Cool

#2 One Of The Most Iconic Movie Props Of All Time, Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber From The Star Wars Franchise Is A Flash Handle From A Vintage Camera (Graflex 3 Cell Flash Handle)

#4 I Present To You: Willrow Hoods Aka Ice Cream Man From Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back In The Background Of Cloud City. He Carries A Completely Undecorated Hamilton Beach Ice Cream Maker. This Previously Unnamed Character Has Spawned A Cult Following, Leading To Books, Comics, And Fan Lore

#5 One Of Young Anakin’s Tool Is A Silver-Painted Dog Toy That I Own

#6 In An Episode Of Mutant X, Jesse Uses A Familiar Looking “Device.” It Looks Like A High Tech Gadget With Buttons, But I Recognized It As The Eyeshadow Compact I’ve Had Since High School

#7 The Mask Used For Halloween (1978) Was A William Shatner Mask That Was Painted White

#8 I Was Told This Might Be This Sub’s Cup Of Tea

#9 This Transmitter That Cracks Access Codes In Resident Evil (2002) Is A Glucose Meter With An Antenna

#11 [tv] In Alias [2005], Her Specialized Locker Cutting Tool Is A Creme Brûlée Torch

#12 Greef Kargas Buckle Is A Cheap Folding Knife

#13 That’s An Escalator

#14 Jawas In The Mandalorian Have Volkswagen Fuel Injection Rails. I Recognized Them Immediately (Jumping Up From The Couch And Startling My Wife). I Replaced Dozens Of These During A Recall In 2013

#15 Dark Crystal Used A Die-Cast Tie Fighter For This Foe’s Eye

#16 That’s An Echo Mic

#17 [film] Back To The Future [1985] A Krups Coffee Machine Became Mr Fusion On The Delorean

#18 [tv] The Expanse [2018]. The Cryo Chamber Used For Mei Is A Repurposed Thule 624 Cargo Box

#19 [tv] Mandalorian Season 1, Friend Just Started It And Sent Me Proof That This Mechanic’s Tool Is Actually A Thermometer!

#20 The Chest Thing The First Order Officer Wears In The Kyle Ren Snl Sketch Is A Pack Of Gum

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