If you have a dog at home, you will relate to this post. Bring home a small puppy, and seeing them grow in their full size is exciting. When a dog grows, you know that they are not tiny anymore and can’t be held in arms and sit on your lap.

But your dog acts just like a small child and want to get all your love and attention. Great Danes, German Shephard, St. Bernard look dangerous at a glance, but deep down are mamma’s boys and girls.

See what we have for you and if you do not have a dog at home to love you unconditionally, then immediately get one.

1. A 170-pound lap dog

2. “My wife: That dog better not get in our bed!

Also my wife:”

3. “Loves to be carried by Dada!”

4. Dogs never become big boys, really.

5. Big dogs need big toys.

6. “What I wake up to”

7. This Great Dane that loves hugs

8. They never leave their human alone on the patio.

9. Even a big dog loves its toy.

10. Sometimes you hug the teddy bear and sometimes the teddy bear hugs you.

11. “When you fall asleep with the biggest toy you can stuff in your face stuffed into your face”

12. “He takes my breath away!”

13. “Bones make great pillows,” they say.

14. Double portion of love

15. “Even the biggest dog loves to rest in Mama’s arms.”

16. Bigger than its mama but still a lap dog!

17. “My big, tough, manly dog insists on sleeping with a stuffed animal.”

18. When your big dog is not so big on the inside:

19. This big boy that doesn’t want to leave his favorite toy at home

20. “When your dog decides to sit on your lap no matter how big she is”