We picked up these wholesome tweets from Twitter this week, and couldn’t resist sharing them with you all. They will make you smile, giggle, and give you the feeling of warmth. So, without say much, we would not stop you to scroll down and enjoy these wholesome tweets.

1 “You’ve Raised The Nicest Little Guy”

2 The Grandpa Falls In Love With The Grandma All Over Again

3 From Free Water To Employed Worker

4 Accepting A Blue Rock As A Form Of Paymen

5 Rocker Granny

6 A Creative Costume For Any Marvel Characters Spotted

7 A Dad’s Sweet Birthday Gift To His Son

8 In Loving Memory Of Al Fong

9 They Found Their Perfect Match

10 The Toddler Nailed That Costume

11 Little Sandy Cheeks From ‘SpongeBob SquarePants

12 The Terror In His Innocent Eyes

13 Helping Out Via Post-It Notes

14 Sharing Is Caring, For Both The Candy And The Blame


The Magic Words To The Dad’s Ears


What A Considerate Neighbo


A Mother’s Vast Love


Never Give Up On Your Dreams


It Was The Most Beautiful Day In Years


Congrats To These Newlyweds