There are some superheroes in our life who are not celebrated. But today, Hioptoro takes pride in celebrated those unsung heroes who do so many things for others. Like a granddad who made a rollercoaster for his grandchildren or the principal of the school who dressed like Batman who greets the students of the school. There are so many others who we would like to tell you about. So, scroll down and see their stories.

1. “During my wrist surgery, the surgeon incised around my tattoo. He could’ve not cared and cut right through it.”

2. “My wife took our cat to the vet and my son told the vet his toy dinosaur was feeling bad, so the vet gave it an X-ray…”

3. “I built a backyard roller coaster for my grandkids.”

4. A bridal shop that makes sure all brides are represented in their window displays

5. “My nephew’s principal dressed up as Batman to greet the kids this morning.”

6. “My sister-in-law made this for me because I love Reese’s.”

7. “This flight attendant putting forth extraordinary effort to help out this older lady”

8. “A good officer performing a simple act of public service”

9. “This NYC cab driver giving up his AC to keep customers cool in the heat”

10. “A guitar I customized for a friend”

11. “The Doubletree Hotel asked what brought me to the area. I said on the phone that my son was turning 4. This was in the room when we showed up.”

12. “A young Enterprise employee spent 30 minutes making sure this disabled individual picked the perfect van for her next trip!”

13. “My old physics professor, Dr. Johnson, watching a student’s child during a tutoring session”

14. “A table and couch/lounger set I made for my wife”

15. “Delivery guys who put in the extra effort to decrease the chance of your package getting stolen are the real MVPs.”

16. Customer service level: extreme

17. “The customer wanted as much tomato on the burger as we could fit…”

18. “This bus driver got out of the bus and put himself in the way so the kids wouldn’t get injured by a careless driver.”

19. “A handmade treehouse for the kiddos”

20. “My son wanted to go as Fix-It Felix Jr., so we built an arcade machine to go over his chair.”