If I ask a question like which is the most beautiful bird in the world? Then I think there is no one who can answer this aforesaid question. There are thousands of birds and of different varieties and different specifications. We can say that no bird is truly beautiful. Besides this, some species of birds have very great features that take others out of the race. And one of them are Pigeons.

You find Pigeons more interesting and funny creatures when you go into insight about them. It is noticed that some studies say common city pigeon to be called Rock Pigeon and also the first bird who domesticated by humans. The rock pigeons are particularly featured on coins, in mosaics, and as figurines.

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We can sight different pigeons in the different cities, However, this is the tip of the iceberg, there are undeniably many gorgeous pigeons varieties across the world. To show this I have listed below 25 photos which are explaining the most fashionable and gorgeous type of pigeons for your perusal.

Scroll down and take a look.

1. Brown Frillback Pigeon

Brown Frillback pigeons

2. The Nicobar Pigeon

The Nicobar Pigeons

3. Pink-Necked Green Pigeon

Pink Necked Green Pigeon

4. Victoria Crowned Pigeon

Victoria Crowned Pigeon

5. Bronzewing Pigeons

Bronzewing Pigeons

6. Jacobin Pigeons

Jacobin Pigeons

7. Blue Crowned Pigeon

Blue Crowned Pigeon

8. Indian Fantail

Indian Fantail

9. African Green-Pigeon

African Green Pigeon

10. Spinifex Pigeon

spinifex pigeon

11. Grey Frillback Pigeon

grey frillback pigeon

12. Pied Imperial Pigeon

pied imperial pigeon

13. Lahore Pigeon

Lahore Pigeon

14. Capuchine/Jocobine Mix

Capuchine/Jocobine Mix

15. Ice Pigeon

Ice Pigeon

16. Red White Roller Pigeon

red white roller pigeon

17. Archangel Pigeon

archangel pigeons

18. English Trumpeter Pigeon

english trumpeter pigeons

19. English Barb

english barb

20. Brunner Pouter Pigeon

Brunner Router Pigeons

21. Lahore Pigeon

Lahore Pigeons

22. Old Dutch Capuchine

Old Dutch Capuchine

23. Fantail Pigeon

fantail pigeons

24. Kabutar Pigeon

Kabutar pigeon

25. English Short-Faced Pigeon

English Short-Faced Pigeons

Now that you are aware of all these pigeon species, we know that you are quite eager to see them live. So, we hope you encounter at least one of them near you. And we would recommend you share your pictures of these birds if you see them anywhere. Because these beautiful birds in real are a !