No matter how great structure man makes, if it is left behind for a while, Mother nature accepts them back with open arms. Tree roots may wear away at foundations and branches may burrow into objects, but the result is an often phenomenal work of art created by man meets nature. One for urban exploration fans!

Here are 20 such photos of nature invading a man-made structure or object.

#1 A bike-eating tree in Vashon, Washington

#2 A lonely ferris wheel

#3 When you go away for a few months and come home to find this!

#4 An abandoned mill in Sorrente, Italy

#5 A temple at Angkor Wat in Cambodia

#6 Kolmanskop is an abandoned town in the Namibian desert

#7 A house in Florida

#8 When a seed germinates in a garbage disposer

#9 A ship that was abandoned 102 years ago in Sydney, Australia

#10 When tree roots invade

#11 An unusual ‘parking lot’ in Taiwan

#12 Nothing stops Mother Nature!

#13 When a park bench disappears into a tree in Dublin

#14 Flowering train tracks in Paris

#15 The cooling tower in an abandoned Belgian nuclear power station

#16 An abandoned hotel in Japan

#17 An abandoned hotel room in Colombia

#18 When someone in Holland parked their bike and never came back

#19 An old railway line in the heart of Ukraine


#20 When carp invade a disused shopping mall in Bangkok