We are sure that you already know what vitiligo is. Animals with vitiligo look extraordinary, and it seems like an artist has run out of ink to paint them with such beauty.

Here are some images of animals having vitiligo, and we can’t stop starring at them.

#1 Just a light dusting of snow, that’s all.

#2 A panda disguised as a dog or the other way around?

#3 This cat is just too high fashion for us all.

#4 When you can’t grow your eyebrows properly.

#5 This is one colorful doggo.

#6 Drank a little too much milk eh?

#7 Ready for the Masquerade ball.

#8 Who put a cow on this list?

#9 This good boy is just wearing socks and a face mask.

#10 He does not look too amused with the candid shot.

#11 Even the butterfly agrees that he is perfect pillow material.

#12 Nobody likes sun in their eye no matter how pretty the picture turns out at the end.

#13 Just a very elaborate lace choker.

#14 You know he wants to get out and play.

#15 Just look at that contented smile.

#16 What are you giving me that look for?

#17 Just some specks of white paint all over him.

#18 This one is just a spotty fellow.

#19 Is that a bird or a fluff ball?

#20 Who’s a good boi? You are!

#21 A penguin in all his glory.

#21 Just thinking of his next nap.

#22 Do not like the look in his eyes.

#23 Who knew even elephants could have vitiligo.

#24 Just a few spots here and there.

#25 The bumps make it look even more pronounced.

#26 A silent shot.

#27 Tired from all the running eh?

#28 At least his shell has not changed.