Corgi a.k.a Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a small dog with an erect posture, cat-like ears and a wiggly bottom. They are independent and hardworking. For a long time, they’ve been working dogs. They helped in herding cattle with other livestock. Corgis are headstrong and unyielding. They rely on their own selves and take pride in their own abilities. Another well-known fact about them is that they are Queen Elizabeth’s favorite breed. In her teenage, she kept more than 30 Corgis. This breed is a very jovial, smart and a high-spirited one.

Corgi’s behavior with humans and other breeds of dogs varies from one to another. The smaller the size is, the bigger their personality is. This extremely self-assured and spontaneous dog is also prompt to offer love and compassion. They are just a perfect family dog. They can be quite an attention seeker too at times.

There is no doubt that Corgis are adorable. I mean, you can’t just resist petting one. And they really enjoy it. Even if they are a mixed breed. Their vigorously visible characteristics can be disguised. These fluffy four-legged bundles of joy can easily be recognized when mixed with other breeds.

We have complied 20 pictures of corgis with mixed breeds that speak for themselves!

#1 Corgi and Alaskan Malamute

#2 Corgi and Pomeranian

#3 Corgi and Australian Shepherd

#4 Corgi and Australian Shepherd playing in the snow

#5 Corgi and Australian Shepherd

#6 Corgi and Australian Shepherd

#7 Corgi and Beagle

#8 Corgi and Boxer

#9 Corgi and Chow Chow

#10 Corgi and Dalmatian

#11 Corgi and German Shepherd

#12 Corgi and Golden Retriever

#13 This Corgi and Golden Retriever wants to play fetch

#14 Corgi and Miniature Schnauzer

#15 Corgi and Red Heeler

#16 Corgi and Siberian Husky

#17 Corgi and Samoyed

#18 Corgi and Shetland Sheepdog

#19 Corgi and Shetland Sheepdog

#20 Corgi and Shiba Inu