People across the world claim all the time that Labradors and Golden Retrievers are the best dogs ever. But, this time, we are here with very tangible proofs to prove our fact.

Undoubtedly, Golden Retrievers are extremely fun-loving, friendly, and obedient. Not just that these four-legged creatures are utterly curious along with a sharp wit. These dogs are super intelligent and hysterically goofy.

Golden Retrievers were originated in Newfoundland. They were bred for the very first time to assist hunters and fishermen.

Today, Labradors are helping people everywhere. Sometimes, they help humans by being their guide-dogs while at other times they comfort the disabled.

Furthermore, Golden Retrievers are actually very similar to Labs. However, there are minor obvious differences amongst a British, Canadian, and American type. All of them are full of positivity and energy. In fact, they are so energetic, that they need to exercise well. Moreover, they love to cuddle and are super helpful. That is the reason they are favorites of many.

Because of our mutual love for them, we have a treat for your sore eyes.

Here is the cutest collection of Golden Retrievers and Labs,


#2 Would you believe me if I say this isn’t the cutest picture you’re going to witness here?

#3 Well, the selfie game is getting stronger!

#4 Meet, Mr. Briefcase. He carries confidential information.

#5 Just a little holiday weight

#6 This superhero mark is just winning hearts.

#7 How can you now love this Little-Lazy-Lab?

#8 Hi, my middle name is CUTE.

#9 Who wants to cuddle?

#10 This is the most cat-like dog pic ever!


#13 Let’s get you home, Mister.

#14 I would really like some fries.

#15 Here is the best thing about my day

#16 She gets me a gift every time, I meet her. Jealous much?

#17 I dare you. Tell me you don’t like dogs.

#18 This is how he responds to, “Who’s a good boy?”

#19 I missed you too, bub. #afterninemonths

#20 Someone wants attention !!