Do you remember the time when Friend’s famous character Ross went to a tanning booth and got too far? Well, something similar has happened with other people. And hopefully, we have managed to collect the proof. 

These people just wanted a beautiful tan line but the universe had some other plans for them. 

1. “The tan lines on my feet”

2. “My arm after cutting roof tiles for a couple of hours”

3. “I need to work on my tan lines. 😂🙈”

4. “Anyone else has their Apple Watch tan line yet?”

5. When you fall asleep on the beach and you’re wearing flip-flops:

6. “Our tan lines after cycling across the United States”

7. “Forgot to put sunscreen on before I hopped on the motorcycle, and as a result, I have this sweet new tan line.”

8. “Yeah, you’re totally jealous of my tan-then-white-then-burn-then-really-white lines. Admit it.”

9. “Tan lines are sexy, right?”

10. “My tan line from wearing gloves at work (as a laborer on a trash truck)”

11. “I guess sunscreen would have been the better option…”

12. “Y’all are talking about tan lines? I was out training for a triathlon wearing cycling gloves.”

13. “Gotta love these tan lines, am I right?”

14. “Working at an outdoor vaccine clinic. Didn’t think about sunscreen. Now I have a mask-shaped sunburn, but only on half my face.”

15. “Who else has some crazy tan lines? 😂”

16. “I wear my ring so much, I got a tan line from it.”

17. “Hoping you can point me in the right direction… 38 years old and have a tan line that hasn’t faded in over 24 months! Weirdly, it’s not from wearing a hat. Not sure what to do.”

18. “Roman tan lines”

19. “Musician’s tan”

20. “So you thought the roofer’s hand tan was bad…”