Do you know who’s the cutest? It’s German Shepherd puppies. We mean just look at them and your heart will melt (literally). They are so freaking cute and can make us want one of them into our lives just by staring at us. (We are not lying)

It’s not just about their good looks but everything about them that makes us say “awww” each time we see one of these cuties walking across the street. In case, you haven’t seen adorable puppies in a very long time, scroll down and have a look. 

1. All snuggled up with his best friend.

2. Look at those perked up ears.

3. German Shepherds are very curious dogs.

4. I got you a donut.

5. This is me during my Zoom class.

6. Are you sure that is a dog? Looks like an otter to me.

7. All ready for Halloween.

8. When you’re so tired you can sleep anywhere, anytime.

9. Posing for the photo.

10. What a boop-able nose.

11. When you can smell the food cooking in your sleep.

12. Their adorable head tilts can melt our hearts.

13. On a shopping spree.

14. Look at his small teefies.

15. Can I pet this good boy?

16. Pure black beauty.

17. Such a playful baby.

18. She looks so happy.

19. When you’re so busy playing you forget to put your tongue back in your mouth.

20. I want to go on adventures with a German Shepherd too.