Do you know who’s a weirdo? No, not your friend or your crush but it’s nature that’s a pretty weirdo. If you don’t believe that, we will show you the side of nature that’s not very normal. 

Scroll down for questioning nature. 

1. “This bird making its nest in a mop”

2. This is what a reindeer’s lips look like.

3. “A bird riding a hawk, carrying a mouse”

4. “The family cottage is on a golf course, and the foxes catch the lost golf balls!”

5. “Golden retrievers and other soft mouth breeds are known for being able to hold an egg without breaking it.”

6. “These mushrooms are ’leaking’ black slime.”

“My wife and I came across a glass lizard, a type of legless lizard that resembles a snake, on our daily walk.”

8. “My dog’s lips went from pink to black.”

9. “This is a last-second photo I just took of my cat sneezing. I’ve been uncontrollably laughing for the past 5 minutes now.”

10. “Woke up this morning to a bird building a nest in my bike helmet.”

11. “The inside structure of this plant — plant bricks”

12. “I found a Cyclops moth and it was huge…bigger than half my hand.”

13. “This flower looks like a mashup of 4 different plants.”

14. “This chicken laid an egg outside of my workplace.”

15. “A dragonfly landed on my dragonfly tattoo.”

16. “The cloud I saw looks like the Apple symbol.”

17. “This cat’s eyes with different irises and pupils”

18. “A duck with an afro — a duckfro!”

19. “A bird nested in my boot.”

20. “The way this dead cactus decomposed, leaving only the spines behind.”