Photography is a new invention that helps us capture the world in a beautiful way. But what about the historic figures that we didn’t know lived long enough to be photographed?

Well, for all the lost years, historians have had to get creative in reimagining famous historical figures. Here are 20 pictures of historic figures.

Hannah Stilley Gorby, Possibly The Oldest Person To Be Photographed, Born Around 1746, c. 1840

Revolutionary War Soldier, 1864

A French Veteran Of The Battle Of Waterloo, c.1890

Surviving Member Of Napoleon’s Army, c. 1858

John Quincy Adams, 1843

Andrew Jackson, 1844/45

The Duke Of Wellington, 1844

Martin Van Buren, c.1849

Harriott Tubman, 1911

Harriet Beecher Stowe, 1852

Calamity Jane, 1901

Billy The Kid, 1878

Charles Darwin, 1869

Annie Oakley (c. 1903)

Butch Cassidy, 1900

Helen Keller, 1913

Buffalo Bill Cody, 1911

Queen Victoria, 1887

Wright Brothers, 1909

Ulysses S. Grant, c. 1870s