Awww, we all love pets, don’t we? After all, they are so cute and sweet and everything good that fills our life something better. But there is one thing that we have not managed to understand even now. It’s just that we don’t know what is going on in their tiny minds. And the moment we realize they are up to something, we get a little heart attack. 

Don’t you believe that? Okay, so tell how would you feel if you find your dog lying on the floor and having a red liquid all over his body? Or what would your reaction be like if your cat is watching you from the roof without you realizing? You will get scared, right? Of course, you will. 

But it’s not just you. There are many more pet parents who were also surprised, or we can say got terrified with their pet’s shenanigans. If you want to see what these cuties are up to this week, keep scrolling. 

Cat scared me this morning. Turns out it’s just paprika.

I thought she attacked our other dog outside because of the blood. Then I saw a seed and realized… it was tomatoes.

Definitely would make anyone look twice.

Lying in all red sticky liquid… that is dragon fruit.

My dog almost gave me a heart attack.

Once upon a time, on a Christmas Eve night.

Really thought this cat walks around with a hole in him.

Thought the cat was too chill to lose a leg as well.

The dog is proud of the treasure she found.

Scare the hell out of me every time.

Really thought the dog turned into Carcharoth.

Nothing like coming home to your dog looking like this.

Still spooked the crap out of me.

Aunt got her dog groomed by a man with half right arm. I freaked out because I thought he was elbow deep in the dog.

Waking up in the middle of the night from the security camera’s motion detector.

One extra leg never hurts.

Oh, God, is that a tiger?! Wait…

This guy almost gave me a heart attack when he sleeps like this.

The dog really scared the hell out of me.

Dog took a nap behind the daughter’s pillow and scared the hell out of me.