Most of us buy products online these days. Even if you go to grocery stores and buy a product looking at the packaging, you sometimes have to go through huge disappointment when you actually open the product. Here are some people who shared their disappointment on the Internet. We would like you to see these products, and decide not to buy them in the future.

1. “Not a single chocolate chip to be found”

2. “I bought this pool for my family, but I guess we won’t fit in it.”

3. “Bought new shoes online…”

4. “Blackout” curtains

5. “This is the last time I buy a funky outdoor jungle rug online.”

6. “Bought a crocheted cockatiel online but it wasn’t as cute as the example pictures.”

7. “This is why I have trust issues.”

8. At least the leaves are curly!

9. “Love my new Yeezys!”

10. “Tried a new brand of chocolate chip cookies today.”

11. “I was slightly disappointed.”

12. “This large wall tapestry my best friend bought me vs what actually came”

13. “A friend of mine bought an iPad off eBay for $5 that shipped from Hong Kong. At least shipping was free…”

14. “I didn’t expect him to be perfect, but come on!”

15. “Disappointing chocolate”

16. Where’s all the cream?

17. “I thought I’d have more sushi…”

18. “I see spaghetti, however, I don’t see any carbonara”

19. “Was looking forward to an evening snack…”

20. Baby Yoda looks slightly different here.