When we notice something unusual, we certainly can’t keep the fun to ourselves. Such sights are rare and letting them go is a very big mistake.

So, some of the people noticed very weird things and were itched to take its photo. They obviously shared it over the internet and it has surely gone viral. When people looked at these photos, it was icky for them. Something wasn’t completely right and its unusuality bothered people.

So here are some of such photos which we found unusual and can’t help sharing it with you people.

1) Is that a pendant light? Oh no! It’s just a balloon stuck in the lighting.

2) Just be yourself!

3) This kiddo just overdosed on art.

4) Impressive is it, huh Elon Musk?

5) “I can’t tell my dad’s dog apart from a bearskin rug.”

6) I hope that pigeon gets this job.

7) So, what’s the right way?

8) Fine art on a plate

9) Mountain cat

10) We wish the frog is OK

11) The shadow from the bull’s head looks like a body

12) A real Mario inside a Mario’s costume

13) Manipulation of space and time

14) Nope, nothing special. We’re just moving

15) Just mushrooms

16) This is one way to look like a happy driver

17) Buddy, are you okay?

18) First, we thought it’s a strange animal sleeping in the bush. Turns out to be a hat.

19) I thought my eyes were playing a trick.

20) Here’s an umbrella for your foot

21) I just found Chamber of Secrets in my dorm hall

Did it make you crazy? It surely did. If you see any unusual things going around you, don’t think about it twice and share it with everyone. Such sights aren’t meant to keep with oneself.