Whenever we see something stunning or go to a breathtaking place, we always want to capture it on our phone so that we can show it to others. But clicking a perfect panoramic picture is a little harder than it seems to be. 

If you think that you can quickly capture the entire frame in just a one-shot, you are sadly mistaken. To give you a glimpse of how bizarre a panoramic picture can turn into if not taken correctly, we have collected 20 panoramic photos that went wrong. You can scroll down to see them. 

Who needs a selfie stick anyway?

When your dog runs too fast:

When you want to look at the camera, but can’t stop scrolling your Facebook newsfeed:

Who wants to be stroked by the invisible man?

Tandem horse — like a bicycle, but a horse.

“I regret trying to take a cute panorama photo of my dog.”

Undercover giraffe

“The lighting changed as I took my panorama photo.”

When your dad is new to panoramic shots:

“A panoramic image catching my cat sneezing”

When you try to make a nice pose, but your friend trolls you:

It feels like this dog has just jumped into another dimension:

And here is the owner of this dog:

The invisible man keeps being nice.


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The law of refraction got broken.

A girlfriend of a Siamese twin


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“My friend stood up during a panoramic shot and all that I got were his disembodied floating legs.”

The levitating hand

Just showing the direction

“Darling, it’s not the best shot of yours…”