We have found many laughs over the last month from the internet’s best fails. Vote on your favorites of the hilarious options below.

1. Kanye Fans Who Thought He Was Introducing The World To Paul McCartney

2. Bridezilla Doesn’t Understand What’s Wrong With Quitting Her Job

3. Quite The Question

4. They Are Definitely Related To Their Ancestors

5. They Missed The Point Of Stephen King’s Joke

6. Different Kind Of Positive

7. Very Confident About Being Very Incorrect

8. Commas Make All The Difference

9. Brain Fart Mid-Haircut

10. It Was The Dog’s Name That Was Accurately Remembered

11. “It’s Very Obviously A Chalkboard”

12. “Okay, Well, Time For Bed!”

13. The Final Straw Before Getting Glasses

14. The Ex Tricked Them Into Letting Her Still Use Their Netflix Account

15. The Customer Is Both Their Biggest And Least Favorite Fan

16. He Was Not Craving Breakfast After All

17. It Was An Impossible Question From The Start

18. All The Mom Caught Was Capri Sun

19. There Are People Who Think $2,000 Would Go Untouched In The Bank

20. Tom Morello Gets Mistaken For A ‘Jersey Shore’ Cast Member