Time flies by so quickly.
It seems like we were just playing without hot wheels and Barbie dolls. All of the kids from the 1990s are now adults. We witnessed both the pre-Internet and post-Internet eras. It makes me want to cry remembering the good old days, but how do we kids from the 1990s deal with sadness? Of course, with humor! We make jokes about everything, which is why we’re known as the meme generation. We all enjoy a good belly laugh now and then, and in these dark days of the virus, we really need it. So, to lighten the mood, here are some special jokes and memes about the 1990s that today’s kids won’t get.
Scroll down below and enjoy.


1. Who remembers these DVD and CD cases?


2. Movie stores were still in business.


3. Keeping it oldschool.


4. We all miss these phones.


5. Before charging them was a thing.


6. complete shopping.


7. Brb going back in time.


8. Living through the decades.


9. These never worked but always looked so cute.


10. Guess.


11. From tiny nerds to tiny models. How did we get here?


12. The blocky graphics used to look so realistic.


13. The nostalgia is real.


14. This one’s sad.


15. Uh oh.


16. Many millenniums have passed.


17. It was so worth it.


18. True squad goals.


19. Hey! who dat?


20. Thank god this ain’t Friends.


Bonus: You have it better.

How many of these did you get right? Are you a child of the 1990s? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.