Dogs can grow big. They can grow so big and they don’t even realize it (yes). But it’s not their fault. You know why? Because these big furry friends are still little babies from their hearts. No matter how big or tall they are, they won’t stop looking for your constant attention. And actually they deserve it all because regardless of their size, they are our best friends. 

If you have dog breeds like Great Danes, Irish wolfhounds,  English Mastiffs, or St. Bernard dogs, you might know how big and tall these dogs can grow. But if you don’t have one, do not worry as we have found pictures of doggos who have no idea how big they are. 

Keep scrolling and get your dose of paw-sitivity.

The Hulk gives the best hugs in the world!

Is it a lion or a dog?

“Please move this bear away, I am trying to find a dog.”

“Argh, I’m tired of these little sofas for humans!”

Nothing can scare you with this kind of protector around!

What do you feed that dog?

Relaxing has never been this safe.

Hopefully, from now on, it will be the child who keeps growing.

It seems that it’s a bear pretending to be a dog…

“Do you have a headrest by chance?”

The characters of Beauty and the Beast were probably based on these two.

Simply a fluffy giant

Even the biggest and strongest need hugs.

It is very convenient when your legs are long.

“I want to sit in your arms! I don’t care if I’m too big for it.”

Dancing with a tall blonde guy

That feeling when you’re a tall and handsome guy:

What shampoo does this dog use?

This dog can be hugged only in a lying position.

Even the big and the strong have their own weaknesses.

When there is a big and kind heart inside of you:

Big love!

When you grew up but your owners did not:

When you’re gorgeous and you know it:

That’s definitely a bear’s relative!

A big fluffy!

When you can only hold your dog for 2 seconds:

What is its weight?

If your little dog has also grown as big as a Hulk, please share the picture with us in the comments section. We would love to see him.