Cats never fail to cheer us up.

Hey, there! 

Are you feeling a little low? Are you feeling dull? Is there nothing exciting left to make you feel good? Well, then you should check out these 21 hilarious cat pictures to feel purrfect. 

These cuties and their never-ending shenanigans will make you smile brighter than ever. XOXO

1.“Tried to get proof that my cat can jump up to head height when chasing his toy. Didn’t expect the intense mid-air crunches.”

2. “All that effort just to chew my lampshade…”

3. “The only option left is to give pats.”

4.“Mine and the neighbors’ cat are going to be good buddies, I can tell.”

5. “My cat’s face when he spots the cat food delivery”

6. “6 years later, still clueless.”

7. “I wasn’t eating it, I swear.”

8. “Spider cat, Spider cat, does whatever a spider cat does”

9.” I’m cat-sitting this guy and I think he broke?”

10. “This is it, guys. She’s hit peak cute.”

11. “My parents chonk laying on his new spot”

12. “My cat turned 3. She was not impressed with the celebrations.”

13. “I think there is something under my sofa.”

14. “No regrets.”

15. “My cats always do this — sunbathing and/or worshipping the lamp.”

16. “She looks like she realized she forgot to turn the stove off.”

17. “Eating is their favorite part of the day.”

18.“He either missed me or wants food.”

19. “The second I turn off the shower”

20. “Little jerk has no remorse”