Harry Potter is an iconic series that has fans from around the world. But more than rewatching, the fans of this series like pointing out interesting details and making hilarious memes.

Scroll down to see some hilarious memes about your favorite witches and wizards.

Worse Than Death

It’s That Time Of Year

I’m A SSSSSnake…

Well Said, Dumbledore

McGonagall’s Logic

We Get It Harry, You Love The Books

Subtle Character Moments Deserve More Screen Time

Is That You, Sirius?

So True, Someone Would’ve Messed Up Their Names

*At A Job Interview

Excuse Me, Sir?

Daniel Radcliffe Speaking Some Truths About Harry Potter Fans


We Are All Snape

Other Houses Did Good Stuff Too…

The Actress Who Played Umbridge Deserves More Credit

Safety First, Dark Lord, We Love To See it

A (Tasty) Prequel

Who Knew Magic Could Be So Eco-Friendly


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