Dogs are the most beautiful souls in this world. We can’t resist loving them. They can brighten up our day and make our lives happier just by their presence. But sometimes, have you wondered how they behave like cats. Dogs can sometimes act absolutely weird and there is no limit to what all they can do. So, here are 20 dogs who are convinced that they are cats.

1. “I think my dog may have been a cat in her past life. I give you dogloaf.”

2. “My dog thinks she’s a cat.”

3. “Capone’s older brother is a cat, so he thinks he is a cat as well. He likes to spy on evil neighbor dogs in the yard from the toy table.”

4. “That’s so convenient. So, when you get home, it just folds away like one of those bikes?”

5. “I think someone replaced my dog with a cat.”

6. “This is Bell. She lives with 3 cats and at 4:45, she watches for her dad.”

7. “I think I have a cat, not a dog.”

8. “My dog might be learning some things from my cat.”

9.” Ernie wondering when the dog started thinking this was a shared cat condo.”

10. “Does anyone else’s dog think they’re a cat?”

11. “Definitely has the spirit of a cat. ’If I fits, I sits.’”

12. Who said the cat was the only one allowed to do this?

13. “My 50 lb dog thinks he’s a cat.”

14. “Someone has been hanging out with the cats next door.”

15. “Meet Cedar, he sometimes thinks he’s a bird or a cat while he watches the neighborhood.”

16. “That’s a total cat move right there…”

17. “My cat friend sits in box, so I sits in box. Mom says I’m the best doggo.”

18. “I think my cat is having a bad influence on my pup…”

19. “Waffles, the rare cat-dog”

20. “Good morning everyone 👋🏻 🐾”