20 Dogs Whose Overwhelming Emotions Could Be Felt Through The Screen

There are all kinds of creatures in the world, but none of them can show emotions as a dog can. Having dogs at home is like a blessing. You can’t deny that they are the most loving creatures to have around.

Whether you are offering them a delicious cookie or they want to play with you, they are just so full of energy. The sparkling eyes and warm smiles, win your hearth over and over again.

The photos we have compiled show you the emotions of some dogs, that can straight reach you through the screen.

20. “My dog’s first reaction to the carpeted rooms in our brand new house. I think she’s excited…”

19. “I finally caved and got her one of those weird stale cookies from the pet store.”

17. “My mom hasn’t been home for 9 weeks due to an accident. Our dog was so happy to see her.”

16. Would you rub my belly, buddy?

15. “My dog was very proud of herself for graduating level 1 obedience classes!”

1. “Wife sent this after picking up our dog from surgery today. Says he’s ’still under the influence’.”

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