Dogs are the best.

Dogs are always in the mood of having fun. You do not have to be with them all the time to ply. They will find any object and start throwing them up and down. But sometimes unknowingly, they put themselves in situations that they would regret later. Here are some photos which you will see and feel how funny yet innocent these dogs are looking stuck in awkward situations.

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1. Is this the new The Mask movie?

2. Doggy burrito.

3. Went shopping for a dog.

4. Hello, hooman. Nothing to see here.

5. When playtime gets confusing.

6. How do you find yourself in this situation in the first place?

7. Curiosity got the dog stuck.

8. How is he going to get out of this one?

9. When playing fetch gets extreme.

10. Dog? Isn’t that a worm?

11. Did someone order a chair?

12. Is that comfortable?

13. Spot the doggo.

14. He made a new hat!

15. That is a very fancy chair.

16. The fence is smaller than the doggo.

17. Just hanging around.

18. He looks pretty happy with himself.

19. Is he the guard dog there?

20. He just wanted to see who was outside.