Dogs sometimes don’t care about what they do. Whether you like it or not, they are going to do it anyway. And sometimes, they even forget that their activities are different personalities and traits. So, stop and take a look at these funny and hilarious moments.

“My favorite pic of my pug. There is no hole in the grass”

“Every time I visit my parents, I see this. I see who is really happy to see me.”

“My friends asked me if he was raised with cats. A lot of people didn’t know dogs could loaf.”

“Came outside and saw the neighbor’s dog sitting like this.”

“Please help, my dog is melting.”

He’s sitting a bit weird, don’t you think?

“She stayed there for at least half an hour.”

This bulldog

“Why do you sit like that?”

“My brother’s dog does not wanna take a bath.”

When you love coffee too:

When your dog is a gamer:

“Yes, they’re my kids. So what?”

“This is how he sits.”

“Our toothless rescue dog who never retracts her tongue”

Pigeon master

When you realize that summer is over:

“I was told she played the entire 9 hours she was at daycare.”

“My 8-month-old puppy, Matteo, really likes to lay on his back like this and then wiggle his body to try and propel himself across the tile when it stops being cold.”

“National Dog Day?! But mom says I am human!!”