If you are madly in love with dogs, this Twitter page called WeRateDogs would be the best thing that you would see on the Internet today. Before we proceed, do yourself a favor and follow this page. 

This page was started to rate dogs. And since all the good bois and girls are super adorable, all of them pass with flying colors. You can scroll down to see their markings. 

1. Poor guy!

2. Molly

3. Leo with the brain freeze

4. Dario

5. Scout

6. Wait a second…

7. Bunsen

8. Might be a bear

9. Lost in the carpet

10. Daisy and Luna

11. Old Billy

12. Another Molly

13. Muffin

14. A walrus?

15. Sid the pizza fanatic

16. I really want Chester

17. Nice try Gunther!

18. Mowgli

19. Katara

20. Simba did a great job!