Tinder users are sharing the texts that resulted in an instant rejection. We’re just going to post them and let you determine whether or not it was fair for these folks to be rejected.

1. Unique Poetry

2. Imagine attempting to correct someone and being hit with this


3. Perhaps she’s already heard that one.

4. Plot Twist

5. *DUN-DUN*

6. So, that didn’t work out.

7. The Right Person Will Enjoy Your Sense Of Humor

8. Be More Original

9. He Dubbed Her ‘Annoying’ And ‘Unmatched’

10. You Have To Specify That It’s A Fedora

11. This Entire Interaction Is Unsettling


12. The Pun Was Not Well Received

13. This Caused An Immediate Unmatch

14. Not The Children

15. Rejection Due to a Distinctive Name Pun

16. …

17. Solid Answer

18. He Must Have A Lot To Ven(t) About

19. But Everything Was Going So Well!

20. Thinking That That’s A Red Flag Is A Red Flag