No matter how much you have traveled the world, there will always be something that would truly amaze you. And when you will see it, all you would say is “Wow, I live in such a beautiful world”. 

Whether it’s a giant tree, a half-opened flower, a monk feeding a tiger, or something else, everything will amaze you. But you know what? We really can’t wait for you to see all these things in person. That’s why we have listed them here just for you. (You know we love you, right?)

So go on, scroll down, and treat your eyes with the pictures that you have never seen before. 

1. The value of a single tree

2. A half-open sunflower

3. A sunken ship in Antarctica

4. This opal looks like a giant explosion or the birth of the universe.

5. An amazing chimera cat

6. Sunset over Europe

7. A monk feeding a tiger

8. Folded honeycomb

9. A space shuttle leaving the Earth’s atmosphere

10. An empty Boeing 787

11. A part of this tree trunk looks like an eye!

12. This spider patched up a hole in a leaf!

13. A pelican with a fish in its mouth

14. Tornado of birds

15. A water bridge over a road in Belgium

16. A polar bear is peering up from beneath the melting ice.

17. “The world beneath the world”

18. This tree was struck by lightning 3 hours before this photo was taken.

19. Lightning got a hole in one this past weekend in Kentucky.

20. This is an airflow study that is done with the help of colored smoke.

21. Ice suspended from trees after winter flooding

22. Sprouting strawberry seeds