In our busy lives, we never realize how soon the time flies. But on seeing everything around us, it does seem to be wonderful on how long we have come along with our beloved ones.

Recreating moments is the way to live again the precious moment back in the current time. Here are some mesmerizing moments of before and after pictures of animals growing up together with their owners.

Life isn’t better than this, realizing the bond which has also grown strong, along with the time. Scroll down to enjoy these beloved moments.

My dog and me in 1998 and in 2012

My dog and me in 1998 and in 2012

My ’Poppy’ over the course of a year!

My ’Poppy’ over the course of a year!

The difference of 2 years can make

The difference 2 years can make

Everyone needs a desk buddy

Everyone needs a desk buddy

When I first rescued him and now! He and 4 other kittens were left in a city work truck

When I first rescued him and now! He and 4 other kittens were left in a city work truck

My, how things have changed…

My, how things have changed...

6 months later…fluffy to even more fluffy kittens!

6 months later...fluffy to even more fluffy!

From Two hours old to Eight weeks old Kitty

From 2 hours old to 8 weeks old

Chewie grew SO much in just 2 months

Chewie grew SO much in just 2 months

No matter how big they get, they’ll always be a pup at heart

No matter how big they get, they’ll always be a pup at heart

Dr. Zoidberg (Berg) at 4 months old and 8 years old — we think he’s got a bit of perma-kitten face!

Dr. Zoidberg (Berg) at 4 months old and 8 years old — we think he’s got a bit of perma-kitten face!

Pics of my dog, 2.5 years apart

Pics of my dog, 2.5 years apart

7 months apart — old habits die hard! 7 months apart — old habits die hard!

He helped me get through a very tough year. Couldn’t have done it without him

He helped me get through a very tough year. Couldn’t have done it without him

These were taken a year apart — last year when I found this little guy walking the streets, and today, getting cuddles

These were taken a year apart — last year when I found this little guy walking the streets, and today, getting cuddles

1 and a half years makes a lot of difference

1 and a half years makes a lot of difference

It’s still his favorite toy!

It’s still his favorite toy!

Do you have a before-and-after photo that shows the growth of your pet?

If yes, share them in the comment section. Share the love through the post with your family and friends.

Perhaps it is true that dogs are no less than a blessing to humans.