Humans are very hard to understand.

Okay, tell us one thing honestly. Don’t you think that it’s a little tough to understand other human beings? Of course, it is! So, don’t you feel like expecting our pets to fully understand us is a little unrealistic? Surely, it is! 

To show you this thing, we have found pictures of confused pets. They are having a hard time understanding what’s going on in their owner’s minds. They can’t understand why their owners snore sometimes or why they don’t want to play with them all the time. You can scroll down to see these clueless pets.

Animals deserve to be listened to as well.

#1 Hello, Is anyone there?

Friend was snoring. Puppy was trying to find the noise.

#2 I hate the winter.

My dog hates winter, and I can’t explain to her that it’s not within my powers to switch off winter outside.

#3 You look so funny hooman.

At which angle should I look at humans to see them normally?

#4 They don’t really care what you say.

Sometimes I think that my dogs don’t take my words seriously.

#5 When your phone stand isn’t working.

When I invite my cat to watch Netflix with me.

#6 He was just trying to figure out how humans use the bathroom.

This husky appeared when I was in a public toilet. He looked at me for a few seconds and then ran away.

#7 How did I get in here?

I found my cat hiding in my pillowcase. He seemed more shocked than me.

#8 Are we sure this is a cat?

#9 I have no idea, I hate yellow sausages as well.

Why are humans obsessed with these yellow scentless sausages?

#10 Why must you torture me hooman?

#11 It’s because you’re a big teddy bear.

Why do humans become so happy when they see me? Maybe I’m a lucky talisman?

#12 I’m hungry and I can’t eat anything.

Why is there so much food on the table that I can’t eat?

#13 Just play with me when I want you to.

Why should I be persistent to make you play with me?

#14 This is how you make humans play with you.

Oh, let’s play tag! I know you love these papers, so you chase me!

#15 Please stop, I’m a sensitive doggo.

Here’s my dog’s reaction when I tease him!

#16 How do I get out of this contraption?

The lawn mower is the most terrible human invention.

#17 No treats? I go away now.

I captured the stages of my dog’s reaction when she slowly realized that I didn’t have any treats.

#18 I think they are traumatized.

The reaction of my dogs when my children start singing!

#19 Me when the ‘chocolate chips’ are actually raisins.

My cat’s reaction to her new diet food.

#20 I just have to stand up taller.

I’m usually taller.